Still Water Flies
The Shults ShrimpRush's LeachThe South Fork ShrimpThe Soft Hackle Streamer
The Shults Shrimp
Viewed: 306 times.
Rush's Leach
Viewed: 321 times.
The South Fork Shrimp
Viewed: 309 times.
The Soft Hackle Streamer
Viewed: 304 times.

The BB LeechThe Chartreuse & Black Bead Head Mohair LeechBlack SmidgeRed Smidge
The BB Leech
Viewed: 286 times.
The Chartreuse & Black Bead Head Mohair Leech
Viewed: 342 times.
Black Smidge
Viewed: 339 times.
Red Smidge
Viewed: 315 times.

Olive Floating SmidgeThe Cascade Special
Olive Floating Smidge
Viewed: 320 times.
The Cascade Special
Viewed: 342 times.

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